• FOCUS Midsouth's Trailblazer of the Year 2019

    For her work in shifting the dynamics of the Memphis drag scene through practices of inclusivity, creativity, and connectivity.


    Moth was beyond honored to have been nominated and even more so to have won standing in such tremendous company. The love and the recognition has never been and shall never be lost on me.


    I was rewarded by my community for achieving my ideals. And that was a most wonderful gift to have been given.

    Mothie being shook and humbled.

    My wonderful sisters Macy and Tanesha, myself, and my beautiful Mother Pamela.

  • Miss Dru's Place 2016-2018

    Mothie came in second and then was awarded the crown later. It was very nice to be thought of and included.


    This led to Moth developing her shows PHANTOSEA and BAD!!! For their stage - it was a truly unique opportunity.


    The night she was crowned she looked like Carol Channing for some reason.

    Big teeth.

    Picture behind is a mural with the name of every gay bar in Memphis history.

  • Undergraduate Degree

    Moth graduated from The Memphis College of Art with a degree in Fine Arts with concentrations in Printmaking and Papermaking.