• Photo by Marcus Menefee

    Hello Friends!!!

    My name is Moth Moth Moth


    but please, call me Mothie!


    Welcome to my computer house! Visit me here to find cool bits and bobs to purchase with your human money!


    You can also find my gossamer gallery filled with artwork from across many incendiary incarnations!


    This webplace also acts as my resume, so enjoy looking at all the stuff I've done since phasing into this dimension.


    Visit Mothie on Youtube for gaming stuff, improv videos, and more!!!


    Follow Mothie on Instagram to see Mothie on the daily!


    Have fun!


    And remember, you and I are friends for eternity now.

  • Who is Moth Moth Moth?

    I am a little thing, looking for a light, in a world otherwise dark.

    Hello darlings,

    To expand on that question a little more, I am an inter-dimensional insectoid witch princess from the planet Ferina, who magically destroyed my own existence in the original universe I was born in for reasons.


    Now I am telecasting my message of joy through the conduit body of a tall skinny gay white art teacher living in Tennessee.


    I seek to build a nation of joy in the sky of the collective imagination.


    Will you become one of my Star Soldiers in the fight for joy?


    Real talk though, I'm an artist and a drag performer and teacher who has an insatiable need to make cool stuff and help people laugh.


    *My name is Moth Moth Moth because on my planet we do everything in threes.


    **The real answer is that when I was first starting out in clubs I would introduce myself to people over the rumble of clunky speaker systems in tiny spaces. No one has heard my name and gotten it right in that setting. So the whole yelling my name three times just kinda stuck. Also it is super cute, like a magic spell.


    ***Moths are rad.

  • She’s funny! She’s fuzzy! And she’s your best friend!

    She’s also a ditz, a diva, and somewhat diabolical.

    As well as grumpy, gross, and gorgeous.

    And also starlight, wind, and flowers.