• Drag Philosophy

    These are beliefs that guide Mothie as she creates programing and art objects for you.

    A spirit of freedom

    The Soulfulness of Drag

    Drag is not simply men in dresses, nor is it simply women in collared shirts. There are drag people and creatures of all kinds.


    There is also drag that goes by different names in different cultures.


    The point is that drag represents many kinds of freedom. The freedom to celebrate Queer history and identities of all kinds across the LGBTQIA+ diaspora. The freedom to express with full range.


    Freedom is rooted in the physical history of drag, there is a shared experience.


    The joy of adorning oneself and dancing for the stars. As long as there have been leaves and flowers, there has been drag.

    The Destabilization of Norms

    Drag Background Radiation

    Drag in its current form, which is rapidly evolving, remains to be both an act of artisthood and an act of politics.


    In a world where in one place a man in a dress will be given hard labor, another man in a dress somewhere else is being handed a crown and flowers.


    Drag forces people to think about our community. To think about how far we have climbed, and the brutalization that is still faced today.


    Drag also has a power to disarm people. When embodying a higher self people lay down their sorrows and triumphs before a queen with a good listening ear.


    We are an invitation to be free. We are an invitation to breath in your own body. And at our best, we are an invitation to goodness and light.

    One Must Make

    The Issue of Class and Drag

    Over the ages, drag has used the world of commodity as its paintbrush.


    There are many who feel barred from even trying to engage with the artform due to an inability to purchase fine garments.


    Fine garments do not make you a good artist.

    It is the way that you choose to wear those adornments that will make you an artist.


    Let things fall into your hands. Break the components of the world apart, its what we are here for.


    Anything that you find; be it an old blazer or a prom dress, breathe yourself into that shell. Your spirit makes it powerful.


    Do not allow other people to equate your power, success, or talent based on an arbitrary classist rubric.


    You make your drag one moment of strength at a time.

    Notes on Shade

    The Temperature

    We are people in dresses with paint on our faces.


    We are true soldiers of joy.


    Shade can be cute.


    Drag is about art and connection.


    Not about crowns, or contests, or money.


    When you have a mean heart, it will show through your mug.


    So....mind your company.


    And be your sister's keeper.


    Remember, every one of us was just a weird nervous kid once upon a time. Caterpillars look pretty weird too. And they turn out fine.