• Photo by Marcus Menefee

    Hello Friends!!!

    My name is Moth Moth Moth


    but please, call me Mothie!


    Welcome to my computer house! Visit me here to find cool bits and bobs to purchase with your human money!


    You can also find my gossamer gallery filled with artwork from across many incendiary incarnations!


    This webplace also acts as my resume, so enjoy looking at all the stuff I've done since phasing into this dimension.


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    Have fun!


    And remember, you and I are friends for eternity now.

  • Who is Moth Moth Moth?

    I am a little thing, looking for a light, in a world otherwise dark.

    Hello darlings,

    To expand on that question a little more, I am an inter-dimensional insectoid witch princess from the planet Ferina, who magically destroyed my own existence in the original universe I was born in for reasons.


    I seek to build a nation of joy in the sky of the collective imagination.


    Will you become one of my Star Soldiers in the fight for joy?


    Real talk though, I'm an artist and a drag performer who has an insatiable need to make cool stuff and help people laugh.


    *My name is Moth Moth Moth because on my planet we do everything in threes.


    **The real answer is that when I was first starting out in clubs I would introduce myself to people over the rumble of clunky speaker systems in tiny spaces. No one has heard my name and gotten it right in that setting. So the whole yelling my name three times just kinda stuck. Also it is super cute, like a magic spell.


    ***Moths are rad.

  • Mothie’s Shop

    Mothie loves to design fun stuff for her friends! Keep visiting to see what's coming out of her brain kitchen next!

  • She’s funny! She’s fuzzy! And she’s your best friend!

    She’s also a ditz, a diva, and somewhat diabolical.

    As well as grumpy, gross, and gorgeous.

    And also starlight, wind, and flowers.

  • Drag Philosophy

    These are beliefs that guide Mothie as she creates programing and art objects for you.

    A spirit of freedom

    The Soulfulness of Drag

    Drag is not simply men in dresses, nor is it simply women in collared shirts. There are drag people and creatures of all kinds.


    There is also drag that goes by different names in different cultures.


    The point is that drag represents many kinds of freedom. The freedom to celebrate Queer history and identities of all kinds across the LGBTQIA+ diaspora. The freedom to express with full range.


    Freedom is rooted in the physical history of drag, there is a shared experience.


    The joy of adorning oneself and dancing for the stars. As long as there have been leaves and flowers, there has been drag.

    The Destabilization of Norms

    Drag Background Radiation

    Drag in its current form, which is rapidly evolving, remains to be both an act of artisthood and an act of politics.


    In a world where in one place a man in a dress will be given hard labor, another man in a dress somewhere else is being handed a crown and flowers.


    Drag forces people to think about our community. To think about how far we have climbed, and the brutalization that is still faced today.


    Drag also has a power to disarm people. When embodying a higher self people lay down their sorrows and triumphs before a queen with a good listening ear.


    We are an invitation to be free. We are an invitation to breath in your own body. And at our best, we are an invitation to goodness and light.

    One Must Make

    The Issue of Class and Drag

    Over the ages, drag has used the world of commodity as its paintbrush.


    There are many who feel barred from even trying to engage with the artform due to an inability to purchase fine garments.


    Fine garments do not make you a good artist.

    It is the way that you choose to wear those adornments that will make you an artist.


    Let things fall into your hands. Break the components of the world apart, its what we are here for.


    Anything that you find; be it an old blazer or a prom dress, breathe yourself into that shell. Your spirit makes it powerful.


    Do not allow other people to equate your power, success, or talent based on an arbitrary classist rubric.


    You make your drag one moment of strength at a time.

    Notes on Shade

    The Temperature

    We are people in dresses with paint on our faces.


    We are true soldiers of joy.


    Shade can be cute.


    Drag is about art and connection.


    Not about crowns, or contests, or money.


    When you have a mean heart, it will show through your mug.


    So....mind your company.


    And be your sister's keeper.


    Remember, every one of us was just a weird nervous kid once upon a time. Caterpillars look pretty weird too. And they turn out fine.



  • FOCUS Midsouth's Trailblazer of the Year 2019

    For her work in shifting the dynamics of the Memphis drag scene through practices of inclusivity, creativity, and connectivity.


    Moth was beyond honored to have been nominated and even more so to have won standing in such tremendous company. The love and the recognition has never been and shall never be lost on me.


    I was rewarded by my community for achieving my ideals. And that was a most wonderful gift to have been given.

    Mothie being shook and humbled.

    My wonderful sisters Macy and Tanesha, myself, and my beautiful Mother Pamela.

  • Miss Dru's Place 2016-2018

    Mothie came in second and then was awarded the crown later. It was very nice to be thought of and included.


    This led to Moth developing her shows PHANTOSEA and BAD!!! For their stage - it was a truly unique opportunity.


    The night she was crowned she looked like Carol Channing for some reason.

    Big teeth.

    Picture behind is a mural with the name of every gay bar in Memphis history.

  • Undergraduate Degree

    Moth graduated from The Memphis College of Art with a degree in Fine Arts with concentrations in Printmaking and Papermaking.

  • Contact the Mothership

    Please send me a short email if you would like to discuss business or bookings!

  • Queer AF at Black Lodge

    The best show in the world. In a rad video store.



    Queer AF was my favorite show to have ever worked on.


    There are precious precious memories, flickers in the night in a bygone world.


    I'm so happy to have spent nights dancing with my friends, safe and happy.


    In the wake of Lisa's passing, Queer AF has now become a time capsule of what Memphis was becoming under the great purple wing of Lisa Micheals.

    Moth Moth Moth (Co-Host and Sentient Slice of Grilled Cheese)

    The Moth

    Lisa loved Mothie on the mic. And she belived in Mothie until Mothie believed in herself.

    Lisa Micheals (Creator and Producer and Host)

    The Mission

    Lisa's dream was to turn Memphis into a destination for Queer performers across the south.


    And she made that dream a reality with every heart that she touched.


    She changed everything around Memphis, simply by walking around and being herself.


    Lisa Micheals made Memphis history with every footfall.

    We'll always be Lisa and Mothie.

  • Louise Page's "Blue Romance" Music video

    Louise brought myself and drag starlit, Brenda Newport,

    into the project to encourage some magical muse mischief!!!

    The Story of a Song,

    The Start of a Friendship

    The Blue Romance Themed Show

    Midway to Mothie's work on "Moth's Magical Variety Hour", she wanted to book the coolest and most talented Chamberpunk darling on the planet, Louise Page.


    Mothie told Louise about the show concept. A few minutes later, Louise created the song,

    "Blue Romance".

    Mothie's bug brain was blown.

    After the show ended, Louise and I found that we were artistic sisters and have been having fun together ever since.

  • Women in the Arts At The Dixon Gallery and Gardens

    It was Mothie's most distinct pleasure to be asked to participate as a guest performer for first Women in the Arts event in Spring 2020

  • Drag Theory Lectures for the Body-ody-ody show hosted by Rhodes College

    Mothie rallied up facts and friends for a spectacular program at Rhodes College. (Curated by Joel Parsons)

    Mothie and Imagine's lecture

    History lessons with history in the making.

    Mothie invited her wild and hilarious Drag Auntie Imagine Azengraber to transform herself live for the thrills of the audience!!!


    Mothie lectured about the importance of setting drag into a historical context while also considering the effects of privilege and economic inclusion.


    From Kenya to Tennessee, there are drag queens everywhere, you see?

    Moth and friends perform to close the show

    Feature guests were: Anastasia Love and Brenda Newport

    During the show a collection of garments made by, belonging to, and curated by Mothie and the Haus of Phantosea were displayed for several months in the art gallery.


    At the end of the event it was wonderful to spend extra time with the students who'd come to support.


    Joy belongs everywhere.

  • Reading Programs at the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library

    Mothie was invited by the amazing team over at Central Library!

    Mothie reading a book to a room of the sweetest most lovely people ever!

    It was a privildge to have been able to deliver this program a couple times throughout 2019. It remains to be one of the proudest moments I've had in my life.

    And only 1 kid cried. But he came in the room overwhelmed, bless his heart.


    But that is okay, I always read with a carrying teacher's voice, so that even the child hiding behind his very sweet parents in the corner may hear the story.

  • "One Saliva Bubble" by Nathen Chin

    Mothie played the character Vander Clyve in a short film about a

    drag queen foiling a plot by stealing the identity of a private detective lady.

  • Family Time Show and Podcast


    Family Time consisted of a due of projects created by

    Lisa Micheals and Moth Moth Moth as a traveling variety show

    that then gave birth to a fabulous podcast!

    The Family Time Podcast

    A podcast about the vibrant voices of Memphis queers.

    Created thanks to the OAM Network The Family Time Podcast was a series of interviews with queer heroes and friends from across the Midsouth.

    You can listen HERE!

  • Gardens and Gowns

    An all ages night of drag at The Dixon Gallery and Gardens

    featuring the talents of Memphis Legends Anastasia Love and Fantasia Bordeaux!

    Mothie Engaging with the crowd about the importance of drag history as American history.

    Folks did not know what to think!

    Mothie began the night with a small lecture followed by a warm-up performance.


    Instead og tips that night, people were supplied with flowers to hand to us.

    Anastasia and Fantasia being interviewed by a professional reporter lady.

    Drag is more than gender.

    Femme superstar and Trans drag Icons graced the night with their talent, wit, wisdom, and warmth.


    It was a night of true beauty and one forever etched into my heart.

  • Midnight Specials

    Aftershows performed as the cherry on top for events such as Grrlfest, Railgarten's Halloween Party, and Ladies Jelly Wrestling Competitions!!!

    A Poster Mothie Drew for a Midnight Special

    Pretty colors, and Mothie got to perform for her Mama for the first time.

    Photo of Mothie and the girls just before going on stage after Grrlfest 2018

    *Mothie is the one with the nose job

    Pictured: Desdemona, Silhouette, Holly Walnuts, Moth Moth Moth, and Brenda Newport.

  • BAD!!! and PHANTOSEA

    Two experimental shows at Dru's Place in Memphis, TN

    Focusing on expression, diversity, and inclusion.



    The most favorite cruncho muncho show in Memphis. Kill all rules. Take no advice.

    BAD!!! Was created to give young weird Queer artists in the community a space to shave their legs on stage and wear codpieces and eat flowers and reveal in the soup of queerness that drag can create.


    It was an experience that will never be lost on me.



    A brunch show where drag artists created funny and heartfelt experiences that inspired the imagination and the senses.

    The Haus of Phantosea was our little drag haus that operated from 2016-2018 or so.


    It was a collection of drag kids that I scooped up and haphazardly threw on stage and PHANTOSEA was our show.


    They were all totally brilliant. This show was often a chance to work on our stage craft without the hustle of a midnight show. We performed at 5pm every Sunday night.

  • Moth's Magical Variety Hour

    Mothie learns to make shows.


    A very tiny and somewhat legendary show in a sports bar. Hosted by a giant bug woman.

    The first show I got to direct all by myself. I wanted to create a space with queer artists of all different kinds perform on the same stage together.


    These shows made me the friends that led to the rest of my career.


    It was an honor to have an opportunity like that.


    It was a woozy experience with awful lighting, questionable company, and sometimes a demonic real estate agent named Monica.

  • The MothBall



    A show that ran at The Memphis College of Art to raise money for young queer artists earning their education. The first project Moth put together.


    This program allowed her the space to begin doing drag in the first place. Moth collaborated with friends and partners for 3 years, until the college was closed, and raised over $3000 dollars for the Moth Scholarship. The final fundraiser was held at Dru's Place.


    The scholarship was awarded to the winner of the Mothball each year in an amature drag showdown at MCA.

    Poster for the final MothBall

    Moth and the girls at the second MothBall

    Pictured: Imagine Azengraber, Beverly Hills, Coco Florez, and Aubrey Boom Boom

    *This makeup is more praying mantis than Mothie

    First time the elusive Moth was captured on film.

    By Marcus Menefee

    Mothie did this edit though, Marcus would never use that garish filter. Only me.

    Moth lipscreaming for the first time on stage.

    She was sensational. And she dared to wear a beige waist trainer on the outside of her dress.

    That grey wig cost 80 bucks. And the hair continues to fall out in clumps to this day. I have an attachment to it even though it hisses whenever I open my wig trunk.